Criminals on Campsites

Graham was most distressed this morning to learn that the vans either side of us had both been burgled and his underpants, which were clearly on show hanging from the bike rack, were left untouched. Clearly the underpants were not worthy of thievery. The Dutch people next door had left their camper's garage door unlocked and heard someone poking about in it around 4 am. The German's on the other side had a guitar stolen from their front seat about the same time. Their dog barked so we think it scared them off from the lure of the undies and they sped off in their car. The stellplatz was called Lisebergsbyn Karralund and was conveniently located (for the thieves) in a well lit country side park next to a camp site. Be aware if you are heading to Gotenburg - we recommend not staying here despite its appearances.

This is the first time we have had anything like this on our travels. It's shocking that thieves can open a locked door of a Fiat Ducato so easily. They were both older vehicles. The German guy said he will take the simple precaution of strapping the cab doors together with a webbing strap to ensure it does not happen again.

We are always very careful but this has made us even more aware of possible problems and we will be even more vigilant in the future. Graham checked all the locks and there were no signs our van was targeted - despite the temptation that hung from the bike racks!

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