Fjaltring Strand was idyllic but we realised we had to leave and head north as our chemical toilet was full and there was nowhere to empty it. It was a longish drive yesterday, about 4 hours, and it was 25 degrees by 10 am so a beautiful day for a drive. The roads are wonderful over here, fairly quiet with no pot holes, hedges or walls to scrape into. These are the roads Dickie is designed for. 
someone hasn't thought this through - Ringkobing

Graham’s back is a little sore through sunburn but his front is still suitably pasty in true Pommy fashion. I, om the other hand, have a lovely burn on the upper chest which should add to that crepe look that so many of us Aussie women sport. 

We originally thought that we might stay around Lokken but when Mr Fluffy realised there were more than three people on the beach he declared it too touristy and decided to move on. The beach there was amazing – miles of white sand and there were many cars and vans actually parked up on the sand. We drove Dickie onto the beach but our nerves got the better of us. It was the sound of sand crunching under the 3.5 tons of Hymer that suggested it was not the best place to park for us and we decided to carry on North.

We are at now at Grenen on the Northern tip of Denmark. We cycled the 3 km into Skagen last night to grab a bit of wee fee and a beer. There are unusual yellow painted houses and it’s a large fishing port that is now quite a popular tourist destination. 
one foot on each sea
This morning we are looking forward to a ride in a tractor-pulled trailer to the sands on Grenen where the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet. We are so far north that it no longer gets dark and it’s messing up our sleeping habits. The rather persistent and loud cuckoo which has been calling since about 4am is not helping either. Off to Frederikshavn later to prepare for the next of our trip – Sweden.

looking masculine in the sea

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