We love Dønna

Graham's in love with Dønna
It’s 1030 at night and the sun is shining. A stone chat sits on the bush outside the door calling to his mate and the bells on the sheep must be driving them mad but sound rather quaint and atmospheric to us.
very friendly sheep
The day started with a tour of Dønnes Kirk with a group of Norwegians who kindly agreed to take the tour in English. The statues within the church were around 800 years old and the Madonna looked suspiciously like a Black Madonna which had been painted white. The guide told us it had indeed been painted in the 17th century. The mausoleum held 22 caskets but we were not allowed to photograph them.
first (and last) catch of the day
Our next stop is probably one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. It is the beach called Brevika on the south west side of Dønna where the sea meets Dønnamann, an 860 metre high mountain, which is classed as ‘difficult’ to climb. Dickie is parked up on the small area between sea and mountain and we have been fishing all day. Graham managed to catch a (very yummy) cod with his first cast and I managed to break the world record of seaweed catches in any one day.
not bad for a beginner

Despite my castings being very impressive, reaching a great distance, I was suitably unable to come up with anything other than seaweed (apart from a rather large clam which kind of goes nicely with Mr Fluffy’s starfish)….no puns intended there.
caught a lot of seaweed

Graham has taken a teeny video to show where we are but these snippets never give the true fabulousness of the place.
Tomorrow Mo I Rana.

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