A Night at the Museum

After enjoying the Alta rock carvings and looking around the museum yesterday we went back to Dickie and tried the external wifi aerial. Hooray! The free (museum) wifi meant we could catch up on emails and write the blog in the comfort of Dickie and we discovered that we could watch Top Gear on-line via Norwegian TV. With all of the above advantages we decided to spend the night in the museum car park along with a couple of caravans and three other motor homes. Don’t you just love the Norwegian attitude to motorhome parking?

This morning we filled up with free fresh water at a local garage and eventually found the Alta LPG supplier. We paid 50 Krona (£5) to a camp site to use their chemical toilet and grey water disposal but as we have not paid a penny for overnight camping for over a week we don’t mind.
entering Finland
So with full LPG tank and Dickie’s dunny clean and devoid of nasty content, we set off for Finland. The Finnish roads seem better than those in Norway, fewer bumps, good lane markings, very few cars or trucks and even fewer interesting features.  We have been spoilt with gorgeous scenery over the last few weeks and we were a bit disappointed by the scrubby mile after mile of low, mixed woodland interspersed with the odd scruffy settlement.
The Samis are of course a nomadic people, rather like us at the moment, but they are rather better at reindeer herding than us - not that we have tried it yet.
We are staying at a camp site in Muonio and had some rather dry shavings of reindeer with mash and lingenberries for dinner in the café. Kerriann has booked us in to visit the local husky dog slay team in the morning …… watch this space.

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