Farewell Sweden

Farewell Sweden, we loved your varied scenery, swimming in your lakes, staying in your woods, walking on your beaches, not hitting your elks on the roads, and enjoying your beautiful weather.
Dickie in the Woods
But the time has come to return to Denmark and visit some of the places on the East of the country that we did not see on our outbound visit. Today we drove over the long and elegant bridge that turns into a tunnel in the middle of the sea between Sweden and Denmark. It cost around 45 SKr but was well worth it for the hassle-free trip to the outskirts of Copenhagen.click to watch short video of crossing .

We were soon parked up in City Camp a couple of kilometres from the town centre. This is the first proper campsite we have been on in a long time and the first time we have had a mains electricity supply for weeks. Dickie has performed very well ‘off grid’ thanks to the solar panel on his roof keeping his batteries topped up when we are parked but as the power is included in the campsite price we might as well us it and save a little gas.
checking out the kunst
We thought it was the stifling heat from the sun that was making us feel a little strange as we walked around the 70s ‘hippy’ commune of Christiania until it dawned on us that the cloud of cannabis smoke that looms over the place may well be having some effect. Graham’s beard blended in well with the locals and the ambience of the place took him back to his youth (a very long time ago).

the bridge
Copenhagen is enjoying the hot weather (36 deg C when we last looked) and hundreds of youngsters are lying about on the river banks showing off their bronzed bodies and jumping in the river to cool off. Mr Fluffy has even purchased a new pair of swimmers (to get his upper legs brown) so he may be joining the youth of Denmark tomorrow and diving into the harbour.
new swimmers

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