Gammelstad Church Town

Woke up to 36 degrees in Dickie this morning as we were unable to open any windows due to the midges. The 24 hour sunlight means we need to close all the blinds but their design means they have small holes along each side. The determined mozzies would be able to get in and as Mr Fluffy is covered in bites it is not a great idea to subject him to further threat. I have renamed 'Skin So Soft' as 'Man so Hard' in a vain attempt at getting him to put some on. It seems to be working so far. 
steps into hayloft at Hagnan outdoor museum

Visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Gammelsted outside Lulea  today. It's a 17th century (or earlier) town made up of cottages where parishioners, mainly farmers who lived several km away, would stay when they had to attend church. It was very interesting to see the little houses preserved and a guide told us about them in great detail. Am loving stencilled walls!
doesn't look very exciting but it is
There was a lovely church in town (obviously) which was quite uninteresting on the outside but very ornate inside.
ornate bench end

small piece of the altar
There is an open air museum, much like the Weald and Downland in the UK, where they have relocated century old houses and had people dressed in appropriate costumes. I got in trouble for stirring the bubble water as I a unable to read Swedish for 'please do not stir the bubble water.' I was also unsuccessful in my attempt to make bubbles.

at least I can wear a summer frock again
We are now parked up near Javre and plan an archaeological walk tomorrow as there  are supposed to be several neolithic sites around here.

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