The wildlife got bigger and bigger as the day went on.
Starting with mozzies, we then moved on to Huskies. Our tour of the dog compound was meant to start at 10am but, not realising Finland is an hour ahead, we arrived late at 1015. Luckily we had a very pleasant guide who welcomed us warmly and introduced us to a large number of the 429 sled dogs they have at the Harrinivan campsite. I won’t list all their names but there was a set of young dogs named after the members of ABBA and a Star Wars tribute group. Yoda was particularly lovely and we met some of the new pups.
Moving on from the dogs, we left the site and headed south along the E8.
looking glamourous
young pups wit adoptive grandmother
A group of reindeer slowed the traffic for a couple of kilometres and we managed to get a quick video (click the link). We had several other encounters with reindeer as we drove south.

We are now in Kalix on the North West Swedish coast where we were entertained this afternoon by a Jet Ski race and over flown very closely by a helicopter who we assume was filming the race. It’s a lovely sunny day and there is a very different feel here to the Finnish wilderness which is only a couple of hours away.
watching the jet ski spectacle

Our diet has been pretty bad today. On crossing the border to Finland we decided to pop in to one of their supermarkets to grab a loaf of bread. We could hardly contain our excitement when we discovered that their food is (relatively) reasonably priced – crisps were reduced from £4 a Norwegian bag to just under £2 – so we went a little crazy buying chocolate, crisps and all the items of junk food we had been deprived of during our weeks in Norway. A pint of beer with dinner was still £6 though. 
Mr Fluffy has his own brand of Finnish bread

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