Prozzies and Pagan Murderers

The ancient looking campervan had the sign written on one side.

'That's weird, wouldn't it be funny if that was a naughty website?' I ejaculated in a Sherlock Holmes fashion.
Prozzie van

As we drove further south on the road towards Hamburg it transpired that it was not only a naughty website but it must have been an advertisement for a gaggle of ladies in various camper vans and caravans who provided 'services' to gentlemen as they drove the lonely road. The vans were painted with hearts presumably to indicate the 'love' that lay within. Some had 'Sexy Girls' or 'Girls, Girls' written on the front just so there would be no confusion. Funnily enough the vans were all fairly old and run down, not very appealing at all. Some had guests but we saw others sitting in the windows with red fairy lights sparkling enticingly. I must remember not to light my red fairy lights tonight!

Every time we see an old van now we are checking for hearts on the door, and we advise drivers of older motor homes to think twice before using lay-bys around Hamburg or you might get an unexpected knock on the door from an amorous chap in the middle of the night.
murderous signage

We got stuck behind a truck for quite a while so I decided to look up what his signage meant. I have a translating app on my ipad and the words 'Ihr Heideschlachter' can mean 'Your pagan murderer'. This was a little disconcerting due to our witchy leanings but I think it's more likely to mean 'your local butcher'.
facade of a house in Celle
Celle is our chosen destination today as we head towards the Harz mountains. The stellplatz is very busy but very close to town. The Aldstadt (Old Town) has some beautiful 16th and 17th century half timbered houses, most of which have been restored to their former glory.


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