Benidorm Amusements

I can think of few things less pleasing than to earn my living in the vicinity of a rotund truck driver's sweaty genitals. There are many prostitutes by the side of the roads around Benidorm and Alicante who seem to spend most of their days sitting on a chair (if they are lucky) awaiting the advances of passing motorists to earn a few euros.

The chap we saw in Benidorm wearing rubber pigtails and a gigantic plastic penis would possibly bring a derisive smile to their lips if they had the misfortune to meet him on the side of the road but I'm sure the rest of the men would not be so amusing.
Mad dog and Englishman in the midday sun

For anyone who has not yet been here, Benidorm has a lovely long beach dotted with hundreds of bars, Asian bazaars and elderly people on mobility scooters - we even saw a few tandem ones - perhaps Mr Fluffy and I should get one in a few years time. The weather is gorgeous, around 20 degrees, and we had our first bad meal out....fabulous calamari but mussels you could play football with....rubbery...yuch! 

After checking out a couple of campsites Mr F could not cope with the crowds so we ended up spending the night in the Carrefour car park...not as bad as it may sound as we could get up and do our shopping without moving to far. We weren't the only ones there thankfully. We're getting braver about staying in strange places. 

We spent a couple of days with Graham's sister Jane's family in Altea La Vieja. I am totally jealous of their lovely house with amazing views over the mountains and a rather delicious pool- sadly a bit too cool for a dip at this time of year.
The Venema family

Off to El Campello for a bit more sun.

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