Drama in Monsaraz

‘Tranquilio, tranquilo’. It’s not often Graham needs to be calmed down by a Spaniard.

Dickie has just been violated.

Why do people travelling in convoy feel the need to park exactly next to each other? Feeling relaxed while looking out over the expanse of the Alentejo, Graham remarks ‘that van’s a bit close!’ as it tries to park between his friend and us. BANG!! I race to the door in a fit of panic and trip while trying to stop Hugo from dashing out, bashing my ear in the process. Mr Fluffy jumps out to a chuckling Spanish woman who finds it very amusing that her husband has reversed into Dickie, luckily just into our bike-rack. The Spanish chap feigns ignorance, presumably totally deaf to the noise it made when he hit us. There are numerous pieces of tape holding his van together at the back, supposedly where he has reversed into other unsuspecting vans.

Luckily all is well and we can remain tranquilo after all.

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