First Drive Fluffyless

The panic is starting to set in as I realise it's less than 24 hours before I take Dickie out on my own - well I have a friend with me but he is a Dickie novice. Yes Mr Fluffy has agreed that I can take the van down to Heligan to see the Michael Morgpurgo play, 946,for a night without him. 
I'm not a complete novice. I drove all the way to Hay On Wye recently and was fabulous until I had a virtual panic attack whilst driving across the Severn Bridge on the way back. The Fluffster's cries of 'Don't be daft woman!' and 'You're being ridiculous!' did NOT help at all. The steering wheel has only just recovered from the excessive sweat and tight grip that I subjected it to as I drove across the terrifying bridge. I can only imagine what I would be like if I had to be behind the wheel when crossing that hideous bridge on the outskirts of Honfleur.
Anyway there should be no horrendous bridge action on the way to Heligan tomorrow, only skinny roads and awful traffic. There will be reports of how I get on. Eeeeek.

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