A Rave in Leek??

The beaches along the south west coast of Denmark were absolutely jammed with people so we made the decision to head back to Germany. Mr Fluffy noticed a small green dot on the Bord Atlas marking a stellplatz in Leck so we put in the coordinates and pootled off.
Leek started well and continued to get better. The sat nav tried to get us to go down a slim pedestrian route to the stell[platz which Graham thought would be fine. (Why do men always think they can get large objects into small gaps?) I, on the other hand, was more cautious and jumped out to check out the situation. Two lovely German people on bikes immediately offered to help and cheerily pointed us in the right direction, a parking place right behind the area where a Schlager-nacht (popular music festival) was happening.
Graham hoped it was an oompah/folk music event while I was more of the opinion it would be a rave, going by the signs which said rucksacks would be checked for alcohol etc (at least that’s what I think they said). On arrival at 1900 we discovered we were both wrong and an evening of seventies music, deejayed by a chap in a dodgy wig and even dodgier seethrough white linen trousers, lay ahead. Amusingly, as the deejay excitedly kicked the evening off, he wandered towards the audience with his radio mike. The first person he spoke to was Mr Fluffy, chatting on loudly in German with Graham looking ever more confused until Mr Dodgy Wig thrust the mike at Graham’s mouth and he finally got the chance to announce to the ever-growing crowd: ‘I’m English and can’t understand anything you have been saying’.
Luckily Mr DW could speak English and merrily continued talking to an ever-reddening Graham, asking questions and urging the amused crowd to cheer loudly.
I popped off to the bar and on my return found a chap sitting with Graham, talking animatedly and smiling broadly. Ian turned out to be an Australian living in the area with his German wife Dorothea and they both joined us for the evening along with their neighbour Christian. We’re off to their house this afternoon for a visit.
Ian, Dorothea and Christian

A great night was had by all until I tried to go to the loo later in the evening and was told I was ‘verboten’ with an arm outstretched before me and a stream of German presumably telling the line of women that I was not welcome. Asking if someone could translate I learned that I had not put a coin in the metal tin marked ‘danke’ on my previous visit so was not allowed in again. I found it most amusing as I was unaware of the need to pat for a pee, as it were, and she looked extremely funny blocking my way in. I shall look out for ‘danke’ tins in the future.

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