Vegemite on a German breakfast table.

Having met our Aussie at the Leek festival we gladly took him up on his offer to visit so last night we stayed on Ian and Dorothea’s drive way and had a very pleasant meal with them in Dagebull on the Waddensee. In true Aussie fashion we later enjoyed a few glasses of wine on their patio where we were joined by their neighbours, Christian and Karen. Flocks of geese flew overhead as we exchanged stories of travel and adventure.
Mr Fluffy resting by the Waddensee

This morning we shared a yummy German breakfast of fresh bread, cheese, meats and boiled eggs and Kerriann was delighted to find Vegemite (Australia’s poor attempt to copy Marmite) on the table. Thanks Ian and Dorothea, we really appreciate your hospitality.
Outskirts of Dagebull by Waddensee
little train carrying locals and guests

Today we slowly meandered South through Northern Germany and have stopped at a stellplatz (free parking place for motorhomes) next to a boat museum in Wishhafn. As we queued to get on the ferry we heard on Radio 4 that a ferry in Bangladesh had sunk – Kerriann did not enjoy the trip as we were heavily loaded and listed a little to the right so she was very happy to reach the other side.
stopover in Ttzehoe - witches get everywhere
The weather is a little cooler today but this evening it has turned rather muggy and uncomfortable. Even Kerriann (an Australian) is finding the warm/hot nights rather uncomfortable.

We are planning to head towards the witchy Harz mountains then on to the Mosel Valley for a bit of wine tasting. Hoorah!

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