Wine country

Wherever we look there are vineyards covering the steep mountainsides.
loving the flowers
The Mosel Wine Route is particularly stunning with pretty villages and wine tasting outlets everywhere. The road follows the wide and winding river through the countryside and into these small old towns that are all about wine. We follow ancient tractors towing trailers with various wine growing  paraphernalia but apart from the agricultural vehicles the roads are fairly quiet unlike the towns which are heaving with tourists (like us). It’s a mystery how they all get there without crowding the roads.
Mosel Valley rush hour
Germany, like most European countries, caters for motorhomes very well with well signed, dedicated parking places and ‘stellplatz’ for overnight stays.  These are usually free of charge or cost less than £5 per 24 hours. The Mosel Valley is a bit more expensive due to its popularity – we actually paid 8 euros (£6) last night.  If only the UK would learn from Europe…….
I must say the UK does do ‘better restaurant’ than Germany. As we can now afford to eat here, unlike Scandinavia where we couldn’t afford to dine out, we have had a few meals out but if I see another schnitzel or stroganoff with noodles and little else I will scream. The food is ok but extremely dull. I’m looking forward to France and a crepe or two.
Graham doesn’t drink white wine so I have been doing the sampling……not a massive fan of German wines but I have had one or two trocken (dry) Rieslings which aren't too bad.  Heading to Trier and hopefully some wee fee tomorrow.

Mr Soggy at the Ponta Nigra
Ugggh! We are now in Trier and it is totally pouring! I don't know if it is the weather but we're not loving it here. It is very interesting as it is in ancient Roman town with some very intriguing churches and maybe if the rain stopped it would be nicer. The woman in the Tourist office was 'lovely' - on asking her a question she replied with 'WHAT?' 
The stellplatz has the most confusing instructions in the world - the minuscule info on how to enter and pay for the site is around 100 metres from the entrance where it would, perhaps, have been more useful. 
Luxemburg tomorrow.

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