by the lake
The medieval village of Aubignas lies just below us in the valley near the Rhone river and the sun is setting ever so quietly behind the mountains to our right. Graham is sitting in the pique nique spot watching the sunset and  reading his book while I'm writing the blog. We've spent a few days staying in 'les petites villages des caracteres' along the Loire and have now moved on to the Rhone.

Hugo has been enjoying himself immensely, especially today when he hoed into some foie gras, fromage, and reindeer sausage (left over from Norway) at lunchtime. Although he only had a little bit he still managed to throw up, thankfully, on the grass outside the van. No more gout-inducing treats for Hugo, methinks. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of his 'diarrhoea on the duvet' incident which we endured on his first overnight stay.

Graham has successfully been duped into 'taking things slowly' and moving south at a pace where we can still get television reception so I could watch the Strictly Come Dancing final. Hoorah! Even managed The Apprentice final last night. Good to see an Aussie beat 'Les Anglais', by the way.

I thought I'd have a 'Discover Dickie' competition with a few photos of our recent locations. No prizes, just a sense of great achievement when you 'spot the Dickie'. Some of them are not very difficile as you'll see.

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