Exposed Elderly Nipples

Guarding the door
Hugo's been enjoying the sun in El Campello for the last week as we bit the bullet and stayed for about eight days as the weather was so nice. Normally we only stay somewhere for one or two days as we like to move around so it was a bit of a change. We were even on 'Ola!' terms with a few of the restaurant barmen. Hugo is enjoying his walks by the beach and is working on his suntan. 

We met a few English people who gave us tips on wild camping sites so we're now down at La Marina, south of Alicante, parked up by the beach with about 30 other motorhomes. The chap in the Niesmann-Bischoff next door has just removed his shirt exposing an elderly chest. To say we're a little packed in is a tad of an understatement but it's free so we're not complaining. If he removes his trousers I may have to have a lie down.

There's a great restaurant 'Galego Playa' that does a 3 course menu del dia for 10 euros - including wine. We've eaten there twice and Hugo has only disgraced himself a few times by barking aggressively at customers as they walk in. Amusingly as soon as anyone goes to stroke him he goes all gooey and starts licking them....weird dog.
Lunch Munch

Rare clouds over El Campello beach
We're off towards Malaga tomorrow taking in a few wildcamping sites along the way. OOh our neighbour has put a clean shirt on ... thank heavens!!

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