Getting Gassed (Almost) and Doggie Romance

We were thrilled to have survived the night without being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Our alarm had gone off while we were walking in Cabo de Palos and we were concerned to see the meter was reading 61 (apparently a fairly dangerous number according to the instructions on the CO meter). "Perhaps it was the wind blowing the fridge fumes in". We decided to keep an eye on it but after a couple of days and nights of open windows, the strange smell seeping from the top of the fridge and the rising numbers on the meter urged us to action.
Spot the Dickie - Cabo de Palos

It's our secret - I'm not really an animal

There has been no wee fee for a few days so we phoned Chelston Motors back in England who gave us the number of a dealer in Almeria. "We can't fit you in till the 18th February", were not the words we wanted to hear as we may have been six feet under by then - looking ruddy of cheek as CO poisoning does to you but quite deddles all the same. "Try Caravanas Lorca - they're close to you".

Well the Lords and Ladies of Magic must have been smiling on us as within ten minutes, at the dunny emptying point of all places, we met an Englishman and told him of our trouble. "I've just been given the address for Caravanas Lorca this morning." He produced a piece of paper with all the details of how to find the aforementioned and gave us his phone number to report back as he, too, was having problems with his fridge.

We duly arrived at our destination and with a confident (if a little casual in a Spanish way) manner the shop attendant dropped everything and discovered that the gas jet had oxidised and the exhaust pipe from the fridge was filled with soot - hence the aroma. He and his boss spoke not a word of English despite the sign saying 'English spoken here' on their door, but with the ipad translator and a bit of pointing and, of course, us speaking very slowly and loudly so they could understand (just kidding) we managed to get things sorted. I can now sleep without checking to see if Hugo is breathing every 5 minutes.
Calnegre - a 100 metres from the van

We are now back by the seaside at a beach just outside Aguilas. A few days have been spent wildcamping at Cabo de Palos where the weather was gorgeous and the restaurants even better. Hugo met a lovely little Yorkishire Terrier in a leopard print dress and pearls but nothing came of their tryst due to a locked gate and an unsympathetic owner. Calnegre was the next stop where we stayed at an Aire 1 minute's walk from the beach.
a kiss

oops caught

farewell my love

It is now a 20 second walk to the beach here. There is a short stroll to some cliffs with ancient rock carved chambers just over the hill. I think we'll stay on that beach tomorrow - there are some surfers braving the cold waves and a group of French people playing boule over there so we will be able to watch some sport with interest. 
Beach caves - Playa de Carolina

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