A Good Chit'On, and a welcome Tummy Tickle

There's nothing Graham enjoys more than a good Chit'On. I saw it on the shelf in the supermarket at Las Negras, a stunning seaside village invaded by dread-locked youngsters and bespectacled motor homers. Not a bad drop for around 2 euros.
Mr Fluffy enjoying a good Chit'On

Cabo de Gato was the next stop where we had a couple of days on the beach, eating seafood and enjoying the views. It's a great area, not at all built up like other areas of Spain, and the climate is generally very dry and windy. The beach went on forever and Hugo particularly enjoyed rolling in all sorts of rotting fish and bird excrement. The fishing boats are painted, one with an image of the Virgin Mary.
Mary on a boat

Night view of Cabo de Gato
enjoying tummy tickles in Cabo

From here we popped down to Roquetas de Mar and parked by the beach of a couple of days. Being the only Brits in a sea of German motor homes we thought we may feel a bit left out but they were extremely friendly and showed us where the facilities were (one chap cycled with Graham to locate the dunny emptying point a few blocks away). We even had a chap come to the door selling various veggies and of course the pan van man who comes to sell the daily bread.

Earlier in the week there had been over a hundred vans at the parking place so the police moved them on but luckily things had quietened down by the time we arrived. Roquetas is a touristy town with a long promenade by the beach dotted with the occasional palm tree.
Sporting a new hat in Roquetas

We've just spent a couple of nights by the marina in Almerimar - very chilled out - and we'll be heading off today in the direction of Portugal. 

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