Hugo Wears Poo and Visits the Compostela

‘I’ve definitely washed all the fox poo off’.
It all started so well

Butter wouldn't melt - but a stick's in trouble
Mr Fluffy announced this so assertively that I actually believed him. On our morning walk along the river at A Rua in Spain, Hugo had taken it upon himself to have an extended roll in the aforementioned excrement. The river came in handy to give him a wash but, as we later drove off, Hugo jumped to my lap and my sniffs revealed remnants of poo on his neck and collar. Lovely! We now have a rather, shall we say, rustic aroma in Dickie (and on my jeans) and Mr Fluffy is in trouble.
Hugo meets his first goose
Hot poppy action
After a night of wine with our neighbours Tony and Claire/Clare we eased into the day with our eventful river walk and a fry up and we are now at Ponferrada. This brings back a lot of memories for Mr Fluffy as he walked the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route 11 years ago and we are parked in the car park of the peregrinos’ albergue. He is now urging me to walk it with him as back up in Dickie. It’s a possibility but I would certainly not be doing the 1000km or so he did from St Jean Pieds de Port. ‘It’s only 220km from Ponferrada’ says the volunteer warden in the albergue. Hmmmmm, I may need a bit of training and a new pair of knees before I set out so I’ll give it a miss right now.

The Templar churches and castle give a very ancient feel to the place and the basilica certainly has a ghostly vibe. Everywhere are signs for the Compostela. Tomorrow we'll head to Astorga then on towards the Spanish/French border.
Graham urges Hugo to do the Compostela

He's still not sure despite the posh sign
Outside same church
Inside Santo Tomas de Los Ollas

Astorga Butcher's shop

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