Hugo Has A Say

I think my ears look cute in this
The gray one tries to steal my stick
Well it's about time. The humans have allowed me my own little piece of blog space and I have some great photos of myself to show you.
Since I joined this pair in October last year I've had a smashing time in a move-able house that lets me out at a different sniffing place each time it stops. We've been to 3 different countries and I'm not even two yet.
I'm hoping Hymer will use me in an ad
I was unlucky enough to pick up a flea this week and 'the woman' freaked out, scraping my body with a funny little comb and throwing all our bedding in a very hot wash. She then had the temerity to stick some weird drops on my neck and I can't even reach around to lick it off. Anyway the flea is all gone and I'm trying my hardest to get another one from the grass around these canals.
I smell a rat

Disgruntled in faux Burberry

Rehearsing for 'Oliver'.
'Get behind me Satan!'
Here are some photos I'm considering for my modelling book. They don't know it yet but I'm hoping for a career in TV. Bye for now - maybe they'll let me have a go at this again some time.
Looking windswept

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