Wood, Walks, But No Wine

Now That's What I Call a Woodpile
I never thought I'd ever hear myself say this but I didn't love the Alscace Wine Route. Maybe it was because we were there on a holiday weekend but it was busy, our British credit cards didn't work in the parking meters (the first we've seen on our trip) and we had no change to stay in Kaysersberg which, when I quickly dashed in to town to try to get change, flashed me back to a strange past life experience (real or imagined) and I forced Graham to get me out of there.
Forest at Etival

Since then we have been travelling up through lovely forested areas and along the canals and the Moselle River on our way to the Champagne region. Now I can't hate that ... can I?
So Far So France

We've stayed in some lovely spots: Etival Clairfontaine with its impressive abbey and forest walks; Thaon Les Vosges; Richardmenil; and today at Ligny-en-Barrois - the last three all along the canal. Graham is in ecstacy about the size of the woodpiles here. It's all I can do to stop him popping a few logs in the back of Dickie.

Hugo has been having a spectacular time and he's asked to do his own blog so that will be next up.

Where's the Dickie

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