Driving Mr Dickie

'It's only a twenty minute walk to Mevagissey'. 

The warden on the desk at Heligan Wood campsite is in desperate need of a map and a watch. An hour after leaving the site we arrived at aforementioned town cursing the woman and dreading the uphill walk back to Dickie. 

Having just completed my first ever Dickie drive without Mr Fluffy I needed something more akin to a gin and tonic as opposed to a massive walk but I'm hoping my buttocks are the perter for it. We arrived unscathed apart from a rather distressed steering wheel which now has a permanent imprint of my sweaty palms. 
Gripping to excess

The geographically challenged warden was forgiven when we realised it was only a two minute walk to Heligan Gardens to see the Kneehigh production of Michael Morpurgo's 946. David's friend Lez Brotherston designed the show and suggested we come and see it. It was well worth the drive down. Kneehigh always put on a fab show and we were lucky enough to go the the cast party afterwards for a few small beverages. As we had only a teeny walk back to Dickie I could indulge in a red wine or two.
What a massive frock - with Lez and David - oh and Hugo
If anyone is interested in seeing a show or visiting the gardens at Heligan in Cornwall I can recommend a stay at Heligan Woods Campsite. Just be wary of their directions.

After a successful drive back to Boscastle the next morning we relaxed with Mr Fluffy on the kayaks. Much less stressful and we even caught our dinner.
What lovely feet I have

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