Off to Bruges

Slept surprisingly well despite persistent commotion last night but have a rather annoying mozzie bite on the back of my neck due to Mr Fluffy's aversion to insect murder....obviously he was not brought up in Australia as he even feels the urge to let spiders live. 

Graham forgot to put a 'not requested' 5 euro note in Mark's letterbox (I talked him down from 10) and for the rest of the day he has been trying to think of a way to rectify this perceived social faux pas, even suggesting rerouting from Bruges back to Oostende to place aforementioned cash in the letterbox or sending a card containing the money to the neighbour's house in the hope she will pass it on. 

He has obviously been brought up better than me as, when we were popping in to the gas station to fill up with LPG, another van beat us to the only dispensing point and, rather than pull in behind, Mr Fluffy waited off to the side. I obviously calmly asked what he was doing as I pointed out another van could come in behind and take the next slot. " I don't want to take the space as I would be hogging someone else's place at a petrol pump."  I looked around at the remaining 10 pumps and the one car that was filling up. Again I calmly (not getting stressed and frenzied at all) suggested that as there were a plethora of empty spaces at the pumps the chances of him getting in the way of someone's hot pump action were slim at best. Begrudgingly he slid Dickie into position and we duly filled him with LPG after a bit of faffing around with different nozzles and the like.   

We are now in Bruges and it's raining again but we've had a nice day walking around, having lunch and not eating waffles. We even saw some nuns which brought back some horrendous childhood memories but am starting to recover now especially after the Leffe Blonde by the canalside bar this afternoon. 

Am excited that we're taking a trip to the Tom Tom headquarters in Gent tomorrow to sort out Mr Fluffy's sat nav disaster. He's now down to 84 hours left on the download. Will report back. 

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