Day One

Our planned sausage sizzle has been cancelled due to an impromptu lunchtime 'pigging-out' at American diner Route 303 on the A303 - gigantic burgers to be exact..covered in Monterey Jack and fries...aaaah how the other half live. Desert brought back memories of special treats I had as a child when grandmother (aka Nog) took me on outings at the local Orange cafe....a chocolate malted milk and a banana split being my favourite. But I digress.

The red white and blue signage proved too much of a draw car on this the first day of our Arctic road trip. We weren't disappointed when we entered to the strains of 'Rock Around the Clock' and the vision of a well-pomaded quiff on the noggin of one of the guests. A quick glance at the metal plates protruding form his ankle suggested his rocking days were far behind him but he definitely added to the ambiance of the place.

Day One's destination is Longleat campsite. Mr Fluffy stayed here recently and his memories of early morning lion and monkey calls have drawn him back. So here we are, parked up next to 4 cocker spaniels - 2 black and 2 brown - and a very friendly robin who has already partaken of a Marian's brownie crumbs. He's currently bouncing around my toes and, good grief, has picked up a rather juicy worm....not from between my toes I hasten to add. It's 7pm and we're sitting outside IN A T SHIRT!! Unheard of...

Mr Fluffy loving his masculine day out
Along the way, tourist-attraction-space number one has been filled by the Haynes Motor Museum with its brand new facade and its very informative, if a little persistent, volunteer guide. Mr Fluffy spent a lovely afternoon reminiscing about his driving lessons in the Ford Anglian 105E and the accident in the Ford Escort which left him with a broken leg. I'd recommend a visit if you're in any way 'motory' inclined.

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