Eeklo to Globbendonk

Who can see a name like Globbendonk and not want to visit it? 

After a stroll along the canal this morning, resplendent with a bag of rubbish, we headed off. The rubbish was a bit of a nightmare as there were no bins anywhere in the vicinity of the Aire or near the boats. After about half an hour we came upon a gigantic boat called Ebernhaezer with a couple of British people working on it - well one was painting it the other was flicking her dog's poo into the bushes. We asked them where to put the rubbish and they kindly offered to take it and add it to their own as there were no bins in the area. How lovely people are!

The day started well with Graham leaving the gas ring on for half an hour, thinking he had turned it off, and with me putting our new frying pan on the hob without taking the plastic instructions off the bottom, causing a small fire in the van. All was well as I calmly took the pan, complete with flames, outside to show Graham. He too, calmly, bounced from his chair and dealt with the situation admirably by whacking it on the ground. A lovely way to ease into the day.

Mr Fluffy did a fabulous job manoeuvring around the Antwerp ring road. We seem to have come up with a temporary solution to the satnav disaster - we now have two - yes two - satnavs going at the same time. The Tom Tom has the best screen but the Snooper is set up for campervans so will not take us down any miniscule streets or under any low bridges. They seem to be getting on rather well and have not caused much of a problem with them barking directions.

We have arrived in Globbendonk and it's about 26 degrees. A rather nice place which is big on cycling - we may stay two days and get the bikes out.

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