Getting Ready For the Off

Donate Museum of Witchcraft to Museum of British Folklore - check
Assist in transition of new managers to take over museum - check
Leave job at major pharmaceutical company - check
Latest book sent to printer - check
All Occult Art Company stock to Museum - check
Organise Day of the Departed Event for Friends of Museum of Witchcraft - check
Buy campervan cookbook - check
Make list of passport numbers, contacts, bank etc - check

Sort out:
Travel Insurance - check
Health Insurance - check
Home Insurance - check
'Dickie' Insurance - check
Sky - check
MOT - check

Aaaah! Wouldn't it be nice to just shut the door and be off but alas, it is not to be. Luckily both Graham and I have the 'organiser gene' so with lists aplenty and a great feeling of satisfaction as we highlight our completed tasks we edge ever nearer to our exit day.

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