Just Before We Go

Had a lovely walk in the New Forest this morning and bought some more of the delicious home baked bread from The Cider Farm shop at the (now my favourite) Brit Stop in Burley. We set out heading East and took a look at a Brit Stop in Peacehaven. It looked nice in the book but not so attractive when we got there so we carried on to another Brit Stop – The Golden Galleon at Exceat Bridge Seaford. It looked ideal but it no longer welcomes motorhomes overnight (they are happy for vans to park during the day but it was extremely busy and quite a tricky junction when leaving the pub. In the end we carried on to the CL which we have booked for tomorrow night at Beachy Head.  For the uninitiated a CL (Certified Locations) is a small Caravan Club campsite – they are usually in farms and this one, Black Robin farm, is in a lovely rural location and there are two caravans and one other motorhome parked in the field with us.

Day Two
Our sunset walk at Longleat was made even more special when we met a caretaker who suggested a walk through the forest, taking in a few sculptures including a blue plastic uprooted tree, a giant bear and a hare woman. A small deer bopped across our path and there was a mass of wild garlic flowers beneath the trees which added that little extra something to the night.
Next morning, after a leisurely ‘easing into the day’ we set off for Stonehenge. I bravely drove and after the initial panic I settled in quite well and even managed a rather superb reverse park at the Stonehenge carpark. It was great to see so many tourists at the stones – I can’t help thinking this was what it was like thousands of years ago with people from many different countries getting together to have fun, buy and sell stuff and generally have a nice time, although there probably was not the plethora of young Japanese girls in pink tutus and feathery hats taking selfies as there was on our visit. All in all a much better ‘visitor experience’ than on our last trip, the centre itself is more attractive than the previous one and the shop had some relatively tasteful t shirts and jewellery. The staff were very pleasant and we enjoyed the walk back past the curcus. The cafĂ© was a bit of a nightmare so we gave up and scoffed sardine sandwiches in the van.
I bravely (again) drove on to Burley to The Cider Farm where we met Julie who worked in the shop there and was considering buying a van for herself and her whippets. This morning we had a good chat to our neighbours Nick, Melanie and their daughter Fay and did the obligatory tour through each others vans. A very nice Rapido indeed! They like a bit of a travel too and we hope to meet up with them somewhere in the future. As Graham said Black Robin Farm at Beachy Head was fab and John & Jackie Hooper took us out for a great day of sightseeing. 
We're currently visiting Suzi & Scottie in Deal and will be heading off on the Eurotunnel today.
Will put some photos on soon - we're only getting wifi sporadically at the moment so it's a bit difficult at the moment. More soon.

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