Mr Fluffy still in trouble

After last night’s storm we have had a lovely day today wandering around Bruges – we are parked up in the Aire - this one is not free of charge but it is convenient for a walk into town and has electric, water etc.
Kerriann is getting annoyed with me because I hate having the television on when it is in a foreign language and is not at all interesting. K sits playing games on her ipad seemingly not watching but when I turn it off she points out that she, being female, can do several things at the same time.  Being a mere male I find it very difficult to read or write when the goggle box is on. But being the technical member of team, I am predicting that I might have trouble setting up the aerial or satellite - so maybe we wont be able to receive any telly some nights….watch this space.

I am still annoyed with myself for messing up the TomTom – I plugged it in to update  the LPG points of interest in Belgium and the TomTom site told me that it needed updating – they did not say that the update would take 8 hours! Consequently the wifi dropped out and messed up the download. I am thinking of calling into their office in Gent tomorrow to see if they can sort it out or give me some advice. 

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