Nous Arrivons

We went out for a full English breakfast with Scotty, Ruby and Suzy – this could be the last proper sausage I get in a long time. France, Belgium, Holland and even Germany – none of them can beat the Brits for sausage making! Arrived at the Channel Tunnel about an hour before we had to depart and everything went smoothly – the machine automatically reads the number plates of approaching vehicles – it welcomed us as ‘Mr King’ – Kerriann had to lean out of the window at a precarious angle to reach the ticket as it was dispensed – if she starts eating Belgium pastries and chocolate she won’t fit through the window on the return journey.
It’s absolutely pouring here which is, of course, fabulous as it will give our English sunburn time to heal. After driving off the train we followed the satnav instructions for around 40 miles and were in Belgium before we knew it. We had wanted to stock up with vino and cheese in a French supermarket but didn’t see one that was convenient – we obviously missed the giant pink shopping centre signs on the way out. We may pop back over the border tomorrow for some massive jars of coq au vin and cassoulet.
We are parked up alongside the canal in Veurne (Belgium) with 8 other motorhomes. There is water available (for a small fee) and a place to empty Dickie’s dunny. Once the rain had stopped we took a walk around town – it’s lovely and retains its charm despite having several direct hits in WW2. Why oh why don’t British towns realise that motorhome owners make good customers and spend money in the towns that welcome them? We (eventually) found a good supermarket and have stocked up on essential food items – mainly chocolate, beer and more chocolate.
We found our first ‘green man ‘ in the church here – Graham will pop a pic up shortly.

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