Bohuslan Coast, Phalluses, and Ingrid Bergman

After the thievery this morning we keen to get on our travels along the west coast towards  Norway on the Bohuslan Coast. HOW GORGE!! WE drove over stunning bridges with views of beautiful marinas and islands on the way up. Stopped in at Fiskebackskill which had the most exquisite and picturesque timber clad houses with flowers growing on their verandas and porches.
Gorgeous house on Fiskerbackskill
Looking windswept
From here we headed off to Talumshede where there are some fabulous bronze age rock carvings. The Museum was free and we had a good wander around the carvings where one with a gigantic phallus was described as having 'bulging calves'. NO mention of the huge appendage.
please note the bulging calves
The museum has recreated a bronze age farm on an original site which was very interesting. There were sheep and pigs which were similar to the ones that would have been there at the time, a sacrificial stone and some long houses. 

WE are now in Fjallbacka. Ingrid Bergman had a summer house here and her ashes were scattered over the sea  here as well. It is, again, a stunning town and I want to have a Swedish house immeeeeediately!. 

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