Denmark at last

"No we are NOT going to the Swingers Aire in Hude!" Mr. Fluffy can be such a party pooper sometimes. I had no idea that such places existed but there it was in our Ries Mobil Bord Atlas (motorhome camping guide).....adults only swingers' club (in German of course). I love my translation app. I didn't really want to go but thought it might be rather hilarious to have a look....oh well further into the wee fee wasteland that is Northern Germany we went. It has not been my favourite part of the trip so far with its fairly flat uninteresting landscape and dull towns but the stellplatz in Heide was really pleasant and a great stopover on the way up to Denmark. We topped up with LPG before crossing the border and found that the diesel is a lot cheaper in Denmark, around £1.00 per litre, which is rather a treat.
Danish border

We have arrived in Ribe which is a beautiful medieval town and we visited the oldest church in Denmark which sports some rather dodgy 1980s frescos above the altar. As we descended from the fabulous view at the top of the tower, the dulcet tones of a female choir reached our shell-likes and we sat for a few moments taking in the glorious sound. It turned out they were a Finnish choir who were giving a concert at 5 pm so we went back for the show. They were, once again, divine but we discovered we had to sit with a group of parents as the local school choir also went through their paces finishing with a resounding version of Akuna Matata complete with hand actions. The girls appeared to find it very amusing when the town band struck up just outside the cathedral almost drowning them out....unfortunately they carried on regardless in the true spirit of 'the show must go on' but there were many giggles from the youngest choristers which made Akuna Matata mildly bearable. To hear a snippet of the girls singing click the link.

The aire in Ribe is free and walkable to the city centre where there are many lovely shops and cafés. We may stay another day.  
Rare sight of Graham drinking a beer with a head on it

view from top of the cathedral

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