Fjaltring Strand

Day Two at this gorgeous beach and Mr Fluffy is on his third futile attempt at catching something vaguely resembling a fish. He is having a lovely time trying but not much success. We spent a couple of hours skimming stones in the sea during a 2 hour walk along this amazing beach, then I came back to Dickie to write an astrology piece for a knitwear company. I put off the wine intake until The Fluffster's return so as not to appear a wino but I must say the need to write something to order always gets my stress buttons twitching. Thrillingly, 3 hours later, I have managed to finish Aries - only 11 to go. I managed to intersperse it with several Facebook messages with my friend in New York. How about that, I'm on  a beach on the coast of Denmark & she's in the bath in her NY apartment. I love wee fee. Fabulous for procrastination which, I might add, is my forte.
Slightly scary staircase
WE had a fabulous sunset last night. Lots of people came to the beach, parked up for the sunset then whizzed off. They missed the pink bits, as it were. 
sunset minus pink bits
Off to Skagen tomorrow where the two seas meet.

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