After a morning of exceptional filming at Skagen we decided to head to Fredrikshavn to organise our trip to Goteborg in Sweden. 

After parking up in the stellplatz near the harbour we headed off to the Stena Lines office to book our tickets. Easier said than done - we managed to cycle straight into the freight loading/unloading area. Huge tugs with containers whizzed around whilst we pottered around on our bikes. I was panic stricken by the speed, size, and  dangerous driving of the trucks but Kerriann carried on calmly.

Eventually we resorted to asking a bemused freight loading man where we should go - 'you should not be here' he helpfully told us (no sh*t sherlock) - eventually we found our way to the ticket office by exiting the loading bays and heading out to the poorly signed area where we started. How we were not arrested I don't know! We have successfully purchased our tickets for 8am tomorrow morning - watch out Sweden here we come!

After our exciting combat with freight trucks we had a cycle/stroll around the town and a meal in a nice hippy cafe - sitting out in the sun. We took the long way home and cycled to a viewing point a few miles out of town. The less fit of us are suffering a little after the ride (I wont mention Kerriann's name here) oops.
me after the uphill ride was extremely hot and uphill. 

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