Harlingen by Graham

Harlingen has to be on of my favourite motorhome stopovers - I loved the sleepy old town, the beautiful old sailing boats, the people, the lift bridges and the aire. For 7.5 Euro a night it was a bargain. If you are in the area it is a must, especially if you can make the tall ships race this summer in July.
row boats the night before  the race

The Dutch must have much softer bums than the Cornish – if you look closely at the photos you will notice that one of the gigs has seats has a sheep skin cover! We wouldn’t expect the tough Boscastle gig rowers to put up with this!

padded seating

There are only 10 marked (and listed) spaces for motorhomes but last night we counted 26. We are told that there can be up to 50 on this location and that nobody minds as long as they buy a parking ticket. As usual, our neighbours were very helpful and chatty. Kerriann had noticed that they had a lovely (rat sized) white dog that they transported around in the wicker basket on their bicycles! “You can purchase one like this locally” they tempted Kerriann but I put my foot down (being very careful not to squash the dog).

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