The drive to Heide was rural and flat and seemed longer than it actually was as we were stuck behind a few tractors towing caravans – they were on their way to a tractor tugging competition and their top speed was 25km/hr. Overtaking is of course much more difficult when driving on the right with your steering wheel also on the right. This is where a good, experienced passenger is essential. One of the few things that Kerriann takes very seriously is giving me ‘clear ahead’ and ‘clear left’ directions. We always use that precise terminology so there can never be any misunderstandings.

The option of a ferry crossing was preferable to negotiating the roads around Bremen and Hamburg so we had a rather fun trip across the mud flats from ……. To ….. It cost us 17.50 Euro but saved us in fuel and livened up the drive. We tried to get online in the van to no avail – a walk to McDonalds didn’t work either as their free WiFi was not working but we did enjoy the iced smoothies! Kerriann had a couple of urgent emails to send so we carried on searching around various industrial estates  – in the end we stumbled across a large electronics goods retailer and sat on some the seats they had kindly provided inside the front door. Kerriann managed to get on line and send an email whilst a large security guard was eyeing us up suspiciously. We walked a few kilometres in the opposite direction and discovered Heide town centre where we felt sure there would be an internet café. There was only one but it was a very seedy casino/gaming centre where a large moustachioed gentleman behind the bar explained the rules of internet action in perfect German whilst puffing on a Marlborough. We gave it a miss.
Getting our shopping priorities right...booze and chocolate

The Stellplatz is lovely and the weather is great – up to 25C in the shade today.  We met a Welsh/Belgium motorhomer who advised us that the diesel prices in Denmark are slightly lower than here in Germany so we are changing our plans to fill up accordingly. We will however be doing a big food shop and will top up the LPG tanks before crossing the border. The face is returning to pretty much normal. Denmark tomorrow – and maybe some makeup.

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