Hunebedden Central

I have just gotten of my bicycle and am living in the vain hope that, one day, my buttocks will return to their normal shape.

We arrived in Exloo, in the heart of Hunebedden country (Dutch stone burial chambers) and immediately jumped on our bikes to explore the surrounding area. After cycling around 30km I now feel like my sitting bones are about to protrude through my, not insubstantial, fleshy bewtocks. My left knee has also exploded but we had a lovely time, nevertheless. Borger has a museum/centre looking at the history of the Hunebedden and I must say has one of the most boring films I've ever seen. The images of snow and ice were impressive but that was about it. Save your 8 euros if you are coming this way and just nip around the back where you can see the biggest hunebed for free.

Visitors climbing on the stones

A relaxing moment - not on the bike

Exloo camping is where we are staying. It is run by a rather lovely chap called Chris who is doing his best to make us feel welcome. He invited us to an evening of making panakokken by the fire and sat us by some English speaking guests, one of whom had a grandson who duly instructed Mr Fluffy on how to make colourful rubber band bracelets.
Great concentration

That's one hell of a fire pit

A promise of even more excitement was made: "We have a special great at 815pm so you must wait for it" said Chris. Graham continued with his rubber band crafting until at the appoint hour we were treated to a very amusing playlet acted by some of the other visitors. Despite being in Dutch there was a lot of visual comedy and ewe found it very entertaining. Lots of people popping up and down from there chairs when their name was called which sounds tedious but was actually hilarious. By the way, no one here drinks. We were the only people having a beer. 'Typical English' I could hear them thinking.
Actors heading to the stage

The stage

I have woken up this morning with two swollen eyes. They are also very itchy. Not sure what has caused this but it looks extremely unattractive and I will need to wear sunnies all day. (I will not subject you to a photo as it is too hideous). Off to Germany today to the amusingly named Twist. 

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