Off to Norway

Norway snuck up on us today.

There were no thieves in the car park at Fjallbacka so we had an easy start to the day, strolling around town, climbing up vertiginous steps, and walking under gigantic boulders. I have no idea why Mr Fluffy made me stand under them so long while he took my photo.
off we go..up the stairs

follow me through this totally NOT dangerous chasrn

I promise they won't fall

just stay there a bit longer while I get the shot

Having not had enough of the Bronze Age action yesterday we headed off to Greby to see some amazing standing stones at a burial ground, and then on to Tanum (Aspeberget) which was close to the museum we visited yesterday. Some more incredible rock carvings were found here, many have been damaged by the sulphur in the air pollution and are in danger of disappearing.
Greby standing stones

naughty Scots

more stones at Greby
looks like dogs sniffed each others bottoms in the Bronze Age too
I'm not saying anything
dancing Bronze Age dudes

and Greby again

We had set the sat nav up to avoid motorways, so heading north it took us up some incredibly slim roads which didn’t seem to worry Mr Fluffy but terrified my good self. Luckily nothing else was silly enough to take such a ridiculous 12 km stretch of road and we emerged unscathed at the other end having caught a glimpse of an ancient ‘Valkommen in Norway’ sign or something similar. We were expecting something much more exciting but here we are and the scenery does not look too different so far.
Funnily enough the first person we spoke to in Norway was at a petrol station as we went in search of LPG. ‘Do you speak English?’ I cheerily sprouted – ‘I speak very good English’ he replied in a strong London accent, ‘and yes this is the most expensive country in the world!’ ‘Great’ we chirruped as one, smiling thinly. Thankfully we have packed enough beer and wine to last for a few months…well a week or two at best knowing us.

Having finally got LPG at the Shell outside Halden we headed off to Moss where we are now parked up by the marina. The brochure we picked up at the Tourist info in Halden did a very good job of selling this place. It sounded gorge but is actually quite hideous. There is a town festival on at the moment and it has the worst stalls we have come across ever. This parking place is quite nice and there is a very lucky Chinese chap who is the only one of about 12 fishermen who is catching anything. He pops his rod in and several massive mackerels commit suicide on it immediately. The others are all looking a bit miffed. I wonder what his secret is.

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