One Thousand Miles Down

The trip mileometer (are the modern digital displays still called that?)  has just turned 1000 miles and we are on a campsite in the East of Holland. The trip computer also tells me that we have averaged 30.5 miles to the gallon which I think is very good for a big (3 liter) engine in a fully loaded van. We usually travel with a full water tank as we can never be sure if we will stay somewhere where water will be available and we keep our two gas (LPG) bottles topped up, not that we have used very much yet as we have not had to use the central heating Hooray!
The Gang

I have kept a note of costs so far for the 15 days (and nights) that we have been ‘on the road’
Distance  1053
Fuel cost £ 212.00
Food and drink costs £ 255.00
Ferries bridges etc. £ 92.00
LPG Gas £ 6.50
Overnight parking/ camping £ 71.00
Excursions/museums etc.  £ 37.00
Total costs so far £ 853.00
Average cost per day £ 56.00
The above costs include stocking up on wine in France!
I am expecting the mpg to drop when we get into hillier regions - I have been driving in Holland at around 55mph on long, flat, straight roads – ideal conditions for Dickie if a tad boring for the driver!


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