Stave Churches R Us

We decided it would be a day of churches today. Graham was pleased to get out of Moss today - he was not lichen it (boom boom). The ferry to Horten was 30 mins and cut out the drive up to Oslo. Now the scenery is absolutely stunning, every bend in the road delivers another breathtaking bit of scenery. 
Our first stop was Hoyjord Stavkyrke which was being renovated but we took a couple of good pics of the roof with its new copper trim.
sparkling in the summer sun
Our main target was Heddal Stavkyrkje. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a wedding (the groom wore a kilt) then we met a fabulous guide called Vebjorn Hefre Bakka who kindly agreed to pose for me so I could take a picture of his runic belt. (I will have to put this picture on tomorrow as my ipad refuses to connect to the internet tonight so if you are reading this Vebjorn check back tomorrow for your photo). The runes on his belt come from the church and say that this church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It's a beautiful place with some exceptional carvings around the doors and frescoes on the walls.
wedded bliss awaits them
I will put more pics on tomorrow if my ipad will co-operate

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