The Nightwatchman

The sun was shining at 8pm so we decided to go out to see the night watchman and take his walk around the town. How weird that the first stop was the witch Marin Splid's house. She had upset a local business man by uttering a curse and when he became ill two years later (!) he blamed her, and the King Christian 4th heard of it and had her tortured for 3 months then burnt as a witch. She has a plaque on her house which we managed to photograph.
Marin Splid's plaque

The night watchman himself was a very friendly and knowledgeable chap who sang the original  nightwatchman's song from the 1600s as he led us around town. It was an interesting tour and we highly recommend it...and it's free. The job was originally to patrol the town to guard against fires, flood and other unpleasantness. He carries a mace known as the morning star! We have recorded a bit for your listening pleasure. Listen here.
He starts his tour

Past the lovely doors

Sporting the Morning Star

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