Alta Rock Carvings Museum

The fjord was the colour of mercury this morning as we woke up to a bit of rain and cloudage. Even in bad weather this place is beautiful. Mr Fluffy continued with his lack of success fishing while I applied my face before we headed off up the E6 to Alta. This is Northern Norway's main route and it has now become a narrow potholed road winding its way along the fjords and through the mountains via endless tunnels. The road was closed for a section as there had been a major rock fall which had taken out half the road. 

all rugged up
Alta rock art
There was snow along the way although it doesn't feel massively cold (around 15 degrees), and we saw reindeer herds by the road.
stone art on the mountain
the white dots are reindeer
We made it to Alta by around 230pm and spent the afternoon walking around the rock carvings. Really interesting place with some fantastic rock art and a couple of interesting exhibitions on the region's bronze age finds along with some fishing info and a display on a famous local ski jump champion. The images were carved on the rocks at sea level, ie where the water and earth meet. This appears to have had a special significance to the Sami people as when the water levels fell they recreated their art again at the new sea level.
Alta rock art

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