Seas and Lakes

The temperatures reached 36 degrees today, hot even by Kerriann’s Australian standards, so we headed for the coast and spent a pleasant afternoon on the rocks fishing. I caught nothing but weed, but Kerriann caught a record breaking fish with her new rod. Yes, she has got the fishing bug and now has a smart new rod.  The record I refer to above was for the smallest fish ever caught with a fishing rod – it was considerably smaller than the lure used to catch it. It was lovely catching a few rays even if we didn’t catch any fish (other than Kerriann’s tiddler of course).
catch of the day
The aire in the village, Skeppsmalen, was a bit of a building site and the Surströmming (rotten herring for human consumption) museum was closed so, despite our massive success at fishing, we decided to move on a little down the coast
Kerriann’s navigation skills, along with Tommy the sat nav, have brought us to a lovely aire run by the local community in Nordingra, a small village in the High Coast National Park.  We can park next to a sandy beach on a lake – they suggest we leave a donation of £5 in the box provided. The grass is cut, a fresh water tap is provided, there is a small jetty with a ladder for swimmers, a barbecue/ fire pit is ready for use with spare logs in an adjacent pile.  How nice that the community cares enough to maintain such a lovely place for visiting motor homes, caravans and tents. We have gladly popped our donation in their box with a thank you note.

good rocks - no fish

There is a Finnish couple in a caravan next to us who seem to be ignoring the ‘no camping’ rules (that is you don’t put anything outside your van like chairs etc unless you’re on a campsite) and have erected a full awning with flower pots, barbecues, etc. There is a small tent with two people in it to our right and that is all. Quite a surprise as it is middle of the holiday season and it’s such a nice spot.
not bad to wake up to
The midges, however, are having a field day now that the sun is dipping slightly lower in the sky. Graham has finally succumbed to the lure of ‘Skin So Soft’ (secretly known as ‘Man So Hard’) and has been spreading it liberally on his badly bitten person with no more protestations of a reduction in his masculinity for using such a ‘girly’ product. We are both a tad sunburned today so hopefully this will turn into a luxuriant bronze shade before too long.

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